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Hey everyone! Haven't updated in a while so I thought I would just put down what I've been up to. Lol, like you all care =) Well, I moved up here to Seattle, and I was sad for the first couple days but then the thought of starting college caught up and I got all excited and nervous and all that shit. Lol. Well, September 27th was my first day, and I was so nervous! I got through the day and in the end it was actually pretty good. I just wasn't able to eat that morning because my stomach wouldn't stay down. Ok, well then the first week was done and I felt even more relieved because I now realize I can actually do this. My classes are Chemistry 101, a Chemistry Lab every Wednesday, English 101, and Math 110 which is pre-calculus. That is my least favorite class because it scares the shit out of me. Well, I also met a friend from my english class and she is really nice, which makes me happy to actually have met someone. Then there are some other girls in English that I'm not sure if their pretending to be friends or not because they've done that to my friend Samantha. Lol, its high school all over again. Well, the second week is done and I'm staring to hate school because of all the damn homework. Now I know its high school all over again. Ok, I'm getting very hungry and I don't know how long dinner will be ready so I'm going to go get a snack.
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