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Yeah, I'm 18. I had a great day on Saturday, went and got my ear done. *Shows it off* Oh, wait, its a computer, lol. =) I got whats called an industrial, its a bar with to balls on the end and it goes through two points on the ear, mines up near the top part of my left ear. I'm sooooo happy, except this morning i got in the shower and looked in the mirror and saw that there was dried blood all over my ear. I must have rolled over in the middle of the night or something and caused it to do that. Lol, its still oozing and it dries black for some reason. Then, Saturday night we went to Uptown China in the city and it was very nice, except that that bratty friend of Rylee's had to come with us. I really don't like him at all. Ya, ya, he's only seven but I don't care, he just embarrases the hell out of me and I'm not even related to him. Had a calculus test today, and was totally not ready for it, I have this awful feeling I'm going to fail that class, but I think I'm going to drop it anyway. Then theres a chemistry lab tomorrow and i have to right up my lab report and my pre-lab for tomorrow. And to add to that we have a three to five page essay due friday. Crap! Thankfully its double-spaced. OOoo, i went shopping yesterday with Samantha and got an outfit from Express for Men, and we matched today lol. I thought it was funny, even though it was planned. Everyone was starring and saying stuff about us, and trying to be all secret about it but they couldn't hide it lol. Ok, thats it, I have to call my calculus tutor about meeting with her, then maybe i can understand that dispicable class. BYe!!
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