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Hey everyone :) Oh crap, what was I going to talk about. Ok i'll work backward, today had a Biology test that I just know I totally flopped, it was just awful. I mean there were two diagrams on the test that we had to explain and diagrham and I had no fucking idea what I was supposed to put and, ya it was just bad all around. Got my grade on my math test today, was a little surprised thought I would do better than I did. I got 44.5 out of 50 questions right. I mean still pretty good since the average in class was a 30 out of 50. And the proffessor let us do corrections so I did them all in class and turned them in. Hopefully that will bring my grade up to about a 47 or so, I'll be extremelly happy :) In my women's class we're starting to do research on the woman we are going to write about for our paper. I'm gonna do mine on Mary Queen of Scots, excecuted by her cousin Elizabeth the Queen of England. Hold on a sec, gotta find a good song on my ipod....There we go, damnit lost my train of thought. Oh well. Over the weekend what did I do. Sunday my interent connection went out, Comcast was having probelms or something like that so I was seperated for like 7 or 8 hours. Lol, for me thats a lifetime, and yes I know I'm pathetic. Well instead of me being online all day my family and I went downtown and saw "Volcanoes of the Deep Sea" on Imax in the Science Center. Very very fascinating but my sister thought it was boring. K i better go meet my friend, I'll finish this later. BYe!
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