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aquaticsunshine's Journal

I want a man! And i mean right now!
16 October
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A mini-biography about myself. Hmmmm. Hi! My name is John or Johnathan, which ever you prefer, it doesn't really matter. I'm 18 and I just moved up here to Shoreline Wa, from San Leandro, Ca to start college. I'm going to Shoreline Community College for the next two years and then moving on to (I hope) the University of Washington. So, if you want to, add me to your friends and I will add you back, however it might take a while because I don't post that often :-) Alright, thats mini if I do say so myself. Lol. I've also got a myspace, just look up my email address Icedemonboy@aol.com. BYe!
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