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Ok, no one replied to my LAST POST, so i feel soooooo loved! Lol, j/k. Well, did a lot this weekend. Friday after we turned in our paper Sammi and I bussed over to Alderwood to do some shopping and see a movie, unfortunately Winona could not come. Made me sad. Umm, found out Sam was over there too seeing Napoleon Dynamite with Jordan, so Sammi and I meet her after Jordan left and we all did some shopping together, kinda. Well, i did all the shopping hahahaha. Then we went to lunch at Ruby's, whihc I don't think I will go to again. Then we all hopped in Sam's car and drove over to Bellevue Square so that Sam could pick up her schedule for work and hung out there for like an hour and a half. We had to meet Jon, Sam's date at the movie theaters just down the street, but we got lost along the way and showed up 20 minutes late for the movie we were going to see, so we decided (after a long while lol) to go see "Saw." Holy shit it scared the crap out of me! It was awful, Sam and Sammi had their hands over their eyes most of the time, and there was a few parts that I couldn't watch myself. I still get chills when I think about it. There was one hilarious thing that happened though, I reached for my soda, Sammi is sitting next to me, and it makes a noise and she screamed her head off. I was laughing so hard I started to cry. I thought that was funny hehehe. Well, after that we meet up with Mike and Jake, two of Sam's other friends and we were going to go bowling, but they decided they didn't want to go and pretty much ditched us. Whatever. Lol, so after that we dropped Sammi off at her house, and Sam and I went to Denny's at like 11:45 at night or soemthing like that. Lol, I had a blast. Saturday I saw the incredibles and I thought it was a really good movie, I want to go see it again soon. Ok, I'm in the library at school right now and Sam just called, I have to go outside to call her back. BYe!!
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