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Hehehehehe, I see that I haven't updated in a while so I will do so now :) Well, I got back yesterday from my trip down to Cali for Thanksgiving break, it was a lot of fun but I was so ready to come back home to see all my friends who I missed terribly. Hmmm, wednesday I hung out with two friends from my high school and that was a lot of fun, we got caught up on how everyone was doing, and then we went over to Rasputins and I got a CD, Gwen Stefani's new one. It is so cool, totally grew on me when at first I didn't think I was going to like it. Thurdsday I went over to my other Grandma's house and had dinner with my dad's side of the family, good chance to see everyone, and they were all really glad to see me. Friday I went over to my friend Melissa's dad and stepmom's house and had dinner there. It was all really good food and I got to meet most of her family. Then Saturday I went and saw Team America World Police, which was so hilarious I was like laughing so hard during that movie. I also went over to my Aunt's house and had dinner therefor thanksgiving, my dad's birthday and my gma's birthday. Then Sunday I got on a plane and am home :) Lol, short and sweet, and totally to the point. Umm, thats all thats new, I am waiting for Samantha to get out of mathand then maybe we can go like have a coffee or something before I have to be home to watch my sister. BYe!!
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