I want a man! And i mean right now! (aquaticsunshine) wrote,
I want a man! And i mean right now!

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Well merry christmas everyone!!! I may have meet someone, but I'm not sure yet. He's 27 (not a problem with me)has a son who is 21 (adopted him at 20 and eric (the son) was 12 or 13) who's older than me lol, very funny I know, his name is James and he lives in Olympia which could be a major problem considering thats like an hour or more from where I live so this could be harder than with Nick. But we shall see. Ooo and I think he's getting me an ipod for christmas, and we haven't even meet yet! Lol, he's apparently rich or something like that because he's in the realty business, buys and sells homes. Thats not important though, so don't get me wrong. We met on match.com so I'm kinda nervous to meet him, I think I will like just set up a day to meet him and talk and stuff like that. Nothing more. Even though we have talked about a more serious relationship ;) He wants to buy me a custom fit collar. I think thats hot but other people may not. Hmmm, ok I'm gonna go I'll talk to everyone later. NIGHT AND MERRY CHRISTMAS YA'LL!!!
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