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Ok, the first week of school is over, and I hate it already! I missed the first day of English because I thought the class started at 10:30 when it started at 9:30. So that was really bad. Then on Tuesday I was 15 minutes late to my Math 099 class, so that was really bad. Then on Wednesday I was late for my English class and I was on time for my Math 099 class. Then I totally skipped my friday English class. Yes this quarter is starting so well! My English class is an hour and fifty minutes long and my Math class is two hours and twenty minutes. I got such bitchin' classes! Lol. I'm not sure which movie I'm watching, but its about sharks and the shark wrangler as he calls himself is H.O.T.T.!! Lol, wel that was very, whats the word, random =) Hmm, well its snowed last night a light dusting but I was very excited because its the first snow at this house for me :) If only it happened on Monday though lol. That would have been awesome. Hmm, well I don't know what else to write about =)
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