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I want a man! And i mean right now!

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Hello everyone, I am finally updating so I can make a couple people happy :) Ok, well what is new with me. Oh god, well I failed my math class last quarter which has totally banished any privelages I had b4. This is only hanging out with friends during the week, but I'm going to put a stop to that stupid fucking rule because I am not a child anymore. And I mean I do my damn homework so I don't know why the hell I should still be punished. So w/e. I got the first and second season of Family Guy on DVD two days ago for 30 bucks at Costco, I was SOOOOO excited! Now I have to go back for the first season of Futurama real soon. I am still unfortunately single although I think I have a major problem with relationships. Like I get tired of going out with a guy like by the second date. Like the last guy I met I got tired of after like the first time I went out with him. Although he was boring as hell and I could tell he wasn't my type at all. I don't think I can get into that boyfriend role, like not looking at other guys and all that. Omg I remember distinctly saying something about a guy when I was with my ex one time. He was not happy lol. But I mean i got tired of him too and eventually broke it off. He felt like I was using him because I never had any feelings and it just turned into a horrible ordeal. Now he wants to get back together and I'm like hell no! I just want some action, like meet the guy, hang out for like a couple hours, shack up and then leave. Maybe spend the night but then I would have to explain to my parents why I didn't come home and that wouldn't be good. Ok, my sweater is done from the laundry. BYe!!!
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