I want a man! And i mean right now! (aquaticsunshine) wrote,
I want a man! And i mean right now!

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Hehehehe, yesterday was awesome! I got to hang out with my friend Jyn and we went SHOPPING!! Lets just say I did some major damage to my bank account lol :) I bought these AWESOME boots from Hot Topic, their knee-high black leather lace up combat boots. I look HOT in them! I will get a pic of them up on my myspace as soon as possible hehehe. I also bought this super cute belt buckle from there too, its a heart with like barb-wired shaped wire wrapped around the heart. Its hard to descibe but its CUTE! I also got this jacket from Zumiez by Billabong, its black white and pink. I'm wearing it right now! Lol, just got back from church and now am totally bored out of my mind. Still need to do the homework thats due tomorrow, so not looking forward to it. Damn. K, i better go do that and I need to finish cleaning my room. BYe!
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