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Hey everyone!

Lol well its been a LONG time since I've been on livejournal and since I since I have an hour till my next class I thought I would post something on here :) Hmmm where to start. Life has been pretty hecktic around these parts lately for differnt reasons. My stepdad is still in the shadow of losing his job, which we know will happen cause Sprint isn't keeping criminal investigators or fraud investigators if they don't have their B.A. So that has shot the stress level at home through the roof which doesn't help the rest of us. Mom just walks around like nothing is happening when Dave is around, but I know the stress is affecting her as badly as my sister and I. Rylee kinda knows whats going on I guess, I haven't talked to her about it but she's at the dinner table when its discussed. So she has to know. Then this last week I had a huge money fiasco becasue I spent $140 of my dads money that goes toward college on other things and I didn't know if I was going to get it, so i may have had to borrow it from my mom. Thankfully I got enough and payed on Friday but something happened midway through it processing online and it didn't successfully go through, so my money is somewhere in limbo and I need to go talk to the bank to get it back. All by tomorrow. Hmm, well just 4 days left of school and then summer quarter is over and I hop on a plane bound for Arizona and soak up a lot of sun! I know we've had a lot of sun up here but I can't wait to get down to Arizona =D Crap I read this bulletin on the wall and forgot where I was going. Yup, totally forgot where I was going with that and its not coming back. Its weird how you can think of all these things to talk about before you log on but they disappear when you start writing. Oh I did horribly last quarter with my grades and had to take 2 classes over but this quarter I think I will do really well in them :) I have about 3.5's in both classes and all I need to do is study hard for the last tests and I should do fine. I hope. Ok well I guess thats everything I can think of, that sucks. TTYL!
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a 3.5!!!! wow that is so good! hey! i will probably miss class today could i get the notes from you like tomorrow or something?? thanks!

p.s. i cant come to class because my moms car wont start!!! ahhh crappy!!!